IPS E.Max® delivers the ultimate in metal free esthetics and strength utilizing both Pressable and CAD/CAM technologies. Designed with versatility and simplicity in mind, IPS E.Max® lets you select from multiple framework materials giving you the versatility you want.

The PRESS technique has established itself as a state-of-the-art processing method over the past 20 years and it has become synonymous with esthetic and accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations. IPS E.Max® Press is made from new biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots. They offer the fit, form and function which is expected from pressed ceramics. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength of 400 MPa.

The esthetic properties have been optimized providing outstanding esthetics, high strength, and predictable shade matching even with difficult combination cases. Creating all-ceramic restorations has been simplified and they offer true-to-nature properties like never before.

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