Porcelain Fused to Titanium

Due to the sky rocketing cost of Metal, doctors are requesting Porcelain Fused to Titanium (PFT) than ever before.

Here are seven reasons for using Titanium:

Titanium is low cost and price stable: 

Titanium is significantly less expensive than gold. Historically, titanium has not been subjected to the fluctuations in the highly volatile alloy market.

Titanium is highly profitable: 

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs has recently classified titanium between Nobel and high-noble alloys. Because of this new classification, dentists may now charge insurance companies between noble and high Nobel rates using ADA Code D2794.

Titanium is bio-compatible: 

Titanium does not release ions and does not trigger allergic reactions in the body. It has proven to be very effective in human medicine and dentistry.

Titanium is X-ray radiolucent: 

Titanium is X-Ray radiolucent allowing dentists to clearly see underneath the cemented crown without removing it in order to diagnose problems.

Titanium has low thermal conductivity: 

The patient can enjoy hot or cold food without experiencing thermal sensitivity. Titanium has a conductivity of 15 times lower than gold, causing the patient to feel lower sensitivity to hot or cold.

Titanium is light: 

This proves more comfortable for the patient. Gold is four times heavier, which is noticeable in large bridge framework.

Titanium has a high strength, without being too hard or too soft: 

Titanium can withstand the tremendous forces generated during mastication. Titanium is easy to process in the dental laboratory.

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